Built in wireless 2GHz 802.11b/g Perfect for CPE Level3 license
Manufacturer: MikroTik
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Manufacturer part number: RB411R
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The RB411R is a small CPE type RouterBOARD wireless router with an integrated 2.4GHz wireless card.

The RB411R has a very low power consumption rating - only 5.6W, ideal for solar panel installations.

The perfect simple CPE - no extra ports, no unused features - just the things you need. Attach an antenna, plug in your PoE powered ethernet, and connect to a remote AP.

RouterBOARD 411 with Atheros 300Mhz CPU, 32MB RAM, one LAN, integrated 2.4Ghz wireless, NAND Storage with RouterOS Level 3 (CPE support), no miniPCI, no serial port 


Product info - rb411r.pdf